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best thing i never knew i needed

blue, blue, blue...like skies & rain

I Am Kinda Gay, Aren’t I?
PatF: Naveen: the BEST

It all started thinking about Prince Naveen (from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog). He might be my favorite Disney character EVER (which is amazing since he is a MAN). The reasons: he loves jazz, he’s handsome & he loves Tiana like whoa. The middle one is the only one applying right now.

Of all the Disney males I DO find Naveen the most appealing/attractive/handsome/…? what have you. Many people feel this way as well only…well, many of them seem…to have a particular implication in their words that I don’t. I do think Naveen is very attractive (for an animated character, yes, yes, pencil drawings) but, if he was somehow real or I was somehow 2D (scary!!), I would never want to be with him. Ew. This is presupposing a pre-movie Naveen, of course. Mostly I’d just want to hang with him listening to jazz.  He’s attractive, just not sexually. Well duh he’s a cartoon but I made a jump.


See this Naveen realization applies to REAL men too.Collapse )


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Life is Funny like That
I should REALLY stop posting private entries (at least back in 2008). What is the point of stating I'm "gonna be myself" if no one sees it?  I have issues with trust, people judging me (don't we all?), my life and compassion.
Thank you, Goddess Cards for helping me realize that last one.
And Jazz is Awesome. AND, yes, my capitalization is off because I want it to be.


Back? Maybe
It's my winter icon (new Princess and the Frog default icon). Har har.

Tues. 30 Sept. 2008
Hello, world of internet!
September went by fast. Wow.

Brainfall.com Quiz Result

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Pocahontas. You defy convention and sometimes do what is considered taboo. Unfortunately, others do not always appreciate your differences, so it's good that you are so strong-willed. You are loyal and you believe in fate. Your true love will find you one day.

Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

TCM: Turner Classic Movies
Cyd Charisse. 
I definitely want to see Silk Stockings. This'll save time. I can watch The Band Wagon & Silk Stockings in one go. Already seen Singin' in the Rain (good bloodly movie) though I wouldn't be adverse to watching it again.
Though I wonder how many Charlton Heston movies TCM aired. More than 3? Though some of his are long (i.e. Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments). I have no idea how many hours/days Charlton Heston movies took up so I can't say if the male got the gender preference or Heston was just the more prolific star or there was no difference. Either way, I'm looking forward to the Charisse movies. 
Funny, I just researched her, being impressed she was still alive. Thus is life (to die). But she had a long life so that's good (but she apparently might of had a heart attack which is bad -_-;). Can't make any judgements of her life, really, since I don't know much about her personal life. I know she was a great dancer with good things to say about 2 other great dancers: 
See hereCollapse )
Asian Images in Film
The Themes are usually interesting. This is no exception. I particularly like the non-movie clips of (I think) Asian & Asian-American actors (resses) commenting on images in film such as yellowface or the opportunities of Asian(American?) actor(esse)s. For The Good Earth the actors were all...white (I guess is the phrase). WTH? There were perfectly good Asian-American actors to play roles. Ugh. [insert annoyance which I made to tired to make rambling, fuming gibberish out of]
Mostly it is enligtening and fun to heard their various opinions.

Summer Under the Stars
Whee. Fun. I love August. That is all. 

Frank Sinatra
Just for kicks. He was the star of the month in May since he died May 14, 2008  1998 (the same year Quest for Camelot came out. Eerie.) I watched The Man with the Golden Arm and The Manchurian Candidate for my birthday.  Yes....I love that man's voice. Yes.

And Judy Garland's voice. I like her's too (there are a few but I won't list them all since I'm bound to forget someone). Only other thing: young Garland was contemporary with Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and some one I forget (all beauties). I had never thought of Garland as ugly before. Though Taylor (for example) has the more traditional beauty look. which Garland lacked. I could see, if one was judging beauty based on some narrow standardized view we had, that Garland wouldn't be as pretty. But, my god, she wasn't ugly. Some studio producers (or some such) nicknamed her his "little hunchback". WTBFH? Garland's main selling point was her voice, and she was ugly. How can someone SAY that. I was so surprised that anyone would even think that. Just because some doesn't fit the narrow conventional definition of beauty does NOT make them ugyly hunchbacks!!!! What a horrible thing to say to a teenage girl. Geez. The world's a cruel place.

That is all.

What's this?
So an update!
Haven't been updating the last few months due to college and real life (whee--not to those, which were stressful, but to having an actual life outside of lj). I probably won't be updating much here at all. I'll try to about once a month (at least during the summer--I guess and minus the vacations). Mostly I'll just use this lj to persue my friend lists. To see what everyone is doing in internet world. Who has 
lived/died/gotten a job/gotten fired/married/divorced/graduated from college/started college/came out/started dating/got dumped/moved/not on lj anymore/hates me/loves me/doesn't care about me/read a good book/hasn't read anything/drawn a good picture/hasn't drawn anything/played music/traveled/gotten a new pet/lost an old pet/moved to a different country/...etc & etc.

Went to Florida. Feed & petted dolphins and rays on birthday. Reading a biography on Edna St. Vincent Millay plus Portait of a Lady by Henry James, among other things. Good times.

That is all. 

PS. I love Frank Sinatra's voice. Heck yes.

shocked, mortified, shocked....
 Wow, (some) Americans are stupid.

Well, I'm finally updating this thing. 
But it's all good because I've been off lj so long because of real life which makes me happy. ^_^
I'm going to try to update and check my friend lists once a week.
I've been trying to think about my readings for college. Trying to be very alive. As well as working on poetry, drawing and, even, music. And archaeology. Along with school. And my sexuality (which would be a whole entry in and of itself).
Read Pride and Prejudice over winter break (enjoyed it--need to read more Jane Austen). Still reading Lady Chatterley's Lover (it fell by the way side when college started up again). The Three Musketeers is also good. 
I need to work on my vocabulary and word choice. 
There is a really, REALLY good poem I read that I'll post..someday.
That is all.

Tolkien's signature is cool.
See here
Yes, I am random.